5 reasons why Nokia 3310 is the best phone ever

There are a lot of smartphones out their with fancy features and luxurious designs. However, if we have to vote 1 phone whose value has not faded despite the time, it would be Nokia 3310. Here are 5 reasons why it is the best phone ever

1. Longest battery life

You are impressed with 10,000 mAH battery smartphones that work for like 3 days in a row? Then this Nokia 3310 battery will prove to you what it means by “long-lasting”. Packing “only” a 900 mAH power cell, the Nokia 3310 can last up to 260 hours of standby or 4.5 hours of talking time. If you used to have one of this phone, it is understandable that you forgot about the existence of the charging, because chances are you may haven’t needed to use that for many days. Remember that meme on the internet, which featured a phone that has 100% battery at 8 in the morning, and “dropped” to 99% at 8 in the evening?

12715771_1097573480287145_2863938400204005021_n (1)

2. Various choices of customized cases

Customized cases are loved by users of all ages. And where there is the demand, there is the supply. There are no less than thousand of customized cases for this Nokia 3310 phone, from your childhood cartoon character, to your favorite movie stars, travel destinations etc. There are also very creative cases that turn your phone into an animal shapes or similar…

3. Signature mobile game

Do you remember Nokia Snake Game? If yes, you had such a wonderful childhood. And Nokia 3310 is one of those phones that has this game pre-installed the moment you buy. Playing on it is super easy and handy to.


4. Producing your own ring tone

Despite being a feature phone, Nokia 3310 is actually much cooler than what many people think. You won’t be able to set your favorite song as your ring tone, like you do with smartphone. However, Nokia 3310 allows you to produce your own music, and set it as your ring tone. Very unique and fun thing to have, don’t you agree?

5. Sturdiness

Drop your smartphone? Chances are, you break your screen, pay a lot of money to get it fixed, but the smartphone will never perform as smoothly as it originally is anymore. Drop your Nokia 3310? No worries, the only thing that hurts is the floor, but you won’t lose a cent. Nokia 3310 is one of the hardest devices to be destructed.


Nokia 3310 is definitely a phenomenon. If you have used the phone, you may immediately know why. If now, we hope these 5 reasons are enough to convince you.


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